Saturday, November 3, 2012

Words not Spoken

So life is all over the map as per usual and I love it.
I had a great experience today and thought I would share it here after I finished it in full in my Journal.
Recently I hit a high mark in my discouragement.
I don't let it affect me as much as it might be healthy to, but after putting it off for so long it hit me in full today.
I just had one of those days.
So I put a smile on my face and went to the temple like my usual Saturday dictates. This Saturday though I got to go with some of my favorite friends in the whole world.
I laughed and we joked.
We reminisced.
I was still discouraged.
Cute new girl there.
Discouragement was not even phased.
Went into the temple and got ready.
Still discouraged.
Went into the chapel and was filled with the Spirit.
Now I appreciated this, but I still wanted to focus on being discouraged.
I had to figure out how to feel not discouraged.
The feeling persisted.
Then I realized that God was making me an offer.
I could let Him take this this time.
For some reason, that I am marking down to tender mercy, God offered to intervene for me.
I had not told anyone, no one said anything.
It was a testimony that God really does hear the words not spoken in our hearts. He cares for us dearly. He does not want us to "go it" alone. He wants us to willingly come to Him and ask for the help we need.
I no longer felt discouraged.
It was a fabulous day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sense of the Sacred

So from an etymological standpoint I derived the following definition of the phrase.
To find ones way toward a feeling of binding protection. In the enclosure of which binding protection we perceive Holiness.

Now those are a bunch of words that in very specific terms expound a very simple phrase. It is a story that is contained in a few words.

Sitting in a family home evening uninterested and non-attentive. Then suddenly everything shifts and reaches a slow motion state. I remember the Spirit intervasing and energizing me. Then leaving. I became aware. I began to develop a sense of the sacred.

On a mission. I prayed to Heavenly Father that he would let me lie down in the snow, in the freezing weather, and let me die. I was told no. I was loved and needed. I began to develop a sense of the sacred.

I was in a college class and discouraged. Felt alone and forsaken. I walked into institute and met happy people. I went to class and was born testimony of the love of God. I began to develop a sense of the sacred.

I started working in the temple. I was tutored by some of the oldest, wisest people I have ever known. I sat at the feet of men who have a sense of the sacred. I understood. I was developing a sense of the sacred.

I meet people everyday who show the attributes of the Savior and I strive to emulate their examples. They have begun to develop a sense of the sacred.

It is more than respect. Although it is that. It is more than anything individually exclusive. It is about covenants and growth and a relationship that spans time and eternity. The deeper we understand that and the farther along that road we travel, we feel a constant connection to the will of God.

It changes everything that we say and do. What we think and our priorities. A Sense of the Sacred changes everything else about us because we become different. We become Holy.

This is still a developing idea like most things spiritual. So I might be either adding parts or updating as I think about it more.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


 So I am definitely feeling a little bit lonely out here in Big Sky Country. It is all so new and so different. It may be a good thing if it gets me back blogging though. I find certain aspects of it therapeutic so I am going to give it a try for a bit anyway.
My new singles ward made me feel a little bit less lonely because there is someone in it that could Jared Honda's long lost little brother. His name is Robbie. He is a blessing from God. They also have Ping Pong which is one of the loves of my life.
I also love the people here. My first day here I saw this shirt in the airport.
 As my friends will attest I do not have the greatest eyesight and can tend to have a hard time focusing (I use the excuse that it is time to get new glasses, which I have still conveniently/inconveniently still neglected to get) so they would not be surprised to hear that I did not see the scripture citation underneath it and in a quick pass thought that the cross was the "Red Cross" symbol. That is until he turned around and the back read, "His name was Jesus."
It gave me a lot to think about that day.
I may not wear a shirt that professes his name, but do others see that my understanding that changes how I act?
The words also bothered me a little bit. Okay, word.
His name IS Jesus.
He may have sufferED for my sins, but the fact is that He still lives and because he lives I have someone that understands me and my trials intimately.
I love the faith that the people here are ready to show and hope that I can learn a lot from them as I am here for a short stay. I wish you all a very happy week! From Texas with Love.