Saturday, November 3, 2012

Words not Spoken

So life is all over the map as per usual and I love it.
I had a great experience today and thought I would share it here after I finished it in full in my Journal.
Recently I hit a high mark in my discouragement.
I don't let it affect me as much as it might be healthy to, but after putting it off for so long it hit me in full today.
I just had one of those days.
So I put a smile on my face and went to the temple like my usual Saturday dictates. This Saturday though I got to go with some of my favorite friends in the whole world.
I laughed and we joked.
We reminisced.
I was still discouraged.
Cute new girl there.
Discouragement was not even phased.
Went into the temple and got ready.
Still discouraged.
Went into the chapel and was filled with the Spirit.
Now I appreciated this, but I still wanted to focus on being discouraged.
I had to figure out how to feel not discouraged.
The feeling persisted.
Then I realized that God was making me an offer.
I could let Him take this this time.
For some reason, that I am marking down to tender mercy, God offered to intervene for me.
I had not told anyone, no one said anything.
It was a testimony that God really does hear the words not spoken in our hearts. He cares for us dearly. He does not want us to "go it" alone. He wants us to willingly come to Him and ask for the help we need.
I no longer felt discouraged.
It was a fabulous day!