Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love verses lust

Yes as a matter of fact we had the big "C" talk today in Priesthood as presented by one of our amazing elder's quorum teachers Alex. It was not your standard chastity talk as it was more focused on the difference between love and lust and how they relate respectively to chastity and fornication/adultry.
I feel that I have come to appreciate some of the nuances of this through different relationships and was quite intrigued when our Bishop indicated that a major difference between love and lust was that love has an appreciation of the person as a whole, a healthy view about their strengths and weaknesses and how those compare with the other party involved. Lust, however, focuses on one item to objectify the person into a thing. There is no whole to enjoy because the person becomes just their; hair, or their eyes, or their ankles, or whatever it is that pleases you. It is a selfish motive and does not help you or the other person grow. 
I also found out that the cure for lust is to know what love is. 
After you taste what love is and can be then you never want to indulge in lust because it is empty and tastelesss

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Book or the Movie?

So popular opinion says that the movie is never as good as the book which is more often than not true, or is it? Is the apple better than the cinnamon apple cobbler? It came from the same start. 
Now most people would look at that and say, "Well that is not a fair comparison because they are completely different."
That is a really good point, but the book and the movie are two completely different things.
An amazing person taught me that recently.
The book is one thing and the movie is another. 
The book was better give me absolutely no information. It only tells me that this completely different, however closely related, thing was better. 
What made it better?
The soundtrack was great and the acting was terrible lets me know to buy the soundtrack and not waste the time watching the movie.
So when someone asks you how you liked a particular movie instead of offering a comparison, evaluate the movie. It will be amazing what the other person learns.

All I Ever Wanted

We interrupt this long time having not written in my blog to let you know that I am going to be more regular though nothing really regular until after Disneyland which is this week. 
I have just been thinking about a lot of different things and so I am going to try and catch up and maybe even get ahead if I can.
I am also not one to promote non-church issued churchish movies as they are more often than not wildly inaccurate at best, but if you are watching them for cinematic enjoyment then sure. 
In The Prince of Egypt, Moses sings a song about all he ever wanted in life. He has found out that he is not a Prince of Egypt, some of the lines are; All I've ever known, All I ever wanted, Now I am home, A son of the proud history that's shown Etched on ev'ry wall Surely this is all I ever wanted All I ever wanted All I ever wanted.
He then forsakes Egypt and becomes Moses, the Prophet.
I find that more often than not we don't really know what we want until we find it. All we have ever known is that thing which we want. 
There are certain things that I want from life. There are certain things that I know are things that the Lord wants from me. Outside of those two considerations I am looking for the rest and building what I want from the things that I find in life and from what my updated knowledge brings me. 
Some things that are all we ever wanted we realize are foolish and childish. We then become the fool if we hang on to them and pass up the great blessings that the Lord has in store for us, because it is not what we have always wanted. It is different. But as the Lord presents us with more information I believe that He expects us to update our desires and see if we are willing to submit to His will and timing for our lives. 
So maybe once you decide what you want you should recognize that it may only be all you've ever wanted because it's been all you've ever known.