Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Book or the Movie?

So popular opinion says that the movie is never as good as the book which is more often than not true, or is it? Is the apple better than the cinnamon apple cobbler? It came from the same start. 
Now most people would look at that and say, "Well that is not a fair comparison because they are completely different."
That is a really good point, but the book and the movie are two completely different things.
An amazing person taught me that recently.
The book is one thing and the movie is another. 
The book was better give me absolutely no information. It only tells me that this completely different, however closely related, thing was better. 
What made it better?
The soundtrack was great and the acting was terrible lets me know to buy the soundtrack and not waste the time watching the movie.
So when someone asks you how you liked a particular movie instead of offering a comparison, evaluate the movie. It will be amazing what the other person learns.

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  1. I've wondered sometimes - if Mormon and Moroni had the technology, would they have made "The Movie of Mormon" instead of the book? Or what would the first and second "blogs of Nephi" have looked like?