Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fair is Fair

Since it has been a while since I have written and then even longer since I have written any kind of scathing social commentary I figured that today would be just as good as any other.
Girls want to date/marry a righteous, stalwart, dedicated, "Returned Missionary" kind of guy.
All that I can say is, "Good for you, but turnabout is fair play."
You want a guy that respects women and modesty and doesn't talk about how hot other women (particularly actresses) are. Good for you.
Guys don't want to hear about how good ______ looks without a shirt on.
You want someone who doesn't swear or watch bad movies. Rightfully so.
Guys don't care if it was edited either.
Bad music ditto
The list goes on and on. 
The double standard stops here.
That is all that I have to say about it. 
I don't like it and I see it all the time.
Shape up or stop complaining. 
Both of you.

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