Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scripture Study

So whenever I hear people scoff the Old Testament, Isaiah, Revelation, Jacob 5 or other scripture that may not be as easy to just sit down and read I have the desire to go into a bit of a monologue.
Now I take no credit as I learned the following from Master teachers but I find it helpful.
-Stay away from the "scriptures for dummies" books.
You are an agent with agency to act and receive revelation. Grow up. Learning what someone found insightful is great, but if you don't pay the price then you can't have it.
-Understand why. The scriptures were written for a purpose. The sooner you find out why the writer is writing (they usually say in their writings) the easier it is to follow along their thought pattern. Calling people to repent, prophesy, teach, etc.
-Principle based learning. Nephi tells us that the Old Testament was written so that we can see how God deals with a people and what happens when they obey/disobey and how constant He is, etc. when you forget about specific, isolated instances and try to find principles for application then you will love it more.
-Use modern revelation. The prophets are really insightful about what other prophets have said (I have this app scripture citation index that shows when talks by GA's mention certain scriptures) it helps to put it in context to "modern world life" if you are struggling with that. This includes the church produced Institute manuals, JST, Bible Dictionary, etc.
- The main reason is to testify of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament prepared some for the Coming of Christ and some it did not. Some were blinded to the spiritual manifestation of Christ throughout the writings (some of which we do not have) in the bible. The purpose of all scripture is to reprove, correct, teach, and inspire faith in and testify of Jesus Christ.
I love to read the scriptures.
I hope you enjoy your next journey whether through 1 Nephi, Alma, Isaiah, Genesis, or wherever your study will take you.


  1. Thanks, Casey! I usually ask for other people's insights just because it helps me to have a starting point and gives me a launching pad for other ideas. I appreciate the thought on this!

  2. I approve of monologuing on this topic! I appreciated your thoughts. These are points I typically make:

    Almost every passage that Joseph Smith recalled from the Angel Moroni's visit was from the Old Testament. The one that wasn't was from Acts, but it was a reference to Moses in the Old Testament. I believe that the Book of Mormon is partly there to show that the Old Testament can't just be dismissed as "fulfilled". It makes the smooth transition from Old Testament to New Testament without the apostate influence of the Pharisees and Sadducees. It's almost as though God is telling us that he keeps his promises, and that Jesus isn't just a relatively recent (within the past 2000 years) religious fad. He was there in the beginning of all things, and he has invested tremendously in humanity throughout time.