Sunday, January 20, 2013

St. Valentines Day

Commonly known as Singles Awareness Day. I was with a friend and some friends in their apartment and saw it was decorated for Valentines day. I did not understand why it was decorated so early, but as it was very well done I did not mention anything. Later that night the inevitable happened. Someone mentioned the decor. The comment was quickly made about singles awareness day, being SAD, etc. I again said nothing.
It really just strikes me as odd.
It is a day that celebrates love.
Now granted that it is over commercialized, and negatively affected much the same way I feel Christmas has been.
But still
It is a day that celebrates love.
"God is love." "A man cannot say that he loves God and hates his brother. For God is love."
Now my point.
Christmas is over commercialized yet we find a way to center on Christ. Even people who aren't devout Christians celebrate the time of giving, and peace and joy and being happy. I don't get why it is so much harder to do during Valentines.
A day set aside to show love for others.
It is not singles awareness day.
Singles awareness day happens to be everyday. I mean really. Everyday when I see couples kissing, holding hands, cuddling, being awkward in public. That is singles awarenessness.
That is why as a single I make a conscious decision to enjoy Valentines and send flowers or notes to people who I think it will make happy. It is simply another day, but specifically set aside to care for and express love to people who need it.
We should celebrate it all year long ( just like Christmas) and make it a happy time of year.
Then make sure that we love others and show them during them year.

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