Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finding Christmas

I think it is interesting after finding that "Christmas is over," and talking to people Christmas Day how many people were unable to find Christmas this year.
It make me wonder how Christmas eludes them.
Then there are people, "expert gift givers and receivers," who seem to have no trouble.
They realize that the timing of December 25th has nothing to do with Christmas, the location does not have to by an open fire, and the activity of choice not roasting chestnuts.
They realize what the muppets taught us long ago.
"It is…the season of the heart, A special time of caring, The ways of love made clear. It is…the season of the spirit, The message if we hear it, Is make it last all year.
Because wherever you find love it feels like Christmas."
I hope that along with the resolve to "make Christmas better next year," is the resolve to learn today how to keep it with you all year long.
That way, come December, the Master Giver of Gifts is not someone that we "set out toward Bethlehem" to find, (That is why Christmas eludes them. He is not there)but instead, is someone with whom we have spent Christmas all year long.
Christmas will simply become a natural extension of who we have become, and you will not feel like "Christmas is only special after Thanksgiving."
The reason that it is special at all is because there are those who observe it all year long. There are those who "with the Holy Spirit as their guide" give gifts to many throughout the year out of love and compassion.
There are those who emulate the Savior and "go about doing good" as He did His whole life.
I submit that if you and I want to become more like the Savior that we need more practice at being "expert gift givers and receivers" all throughout the year.
Merry Christmas

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