Monday, December 5, 2011

What do you want for Christmas?

A question that lots of people consider at this time of year.
A question that a very good friend asked me. 
A question that I never have a good answer for.
Do you remember me?  I sat upon your knee I wrote to you with childhood fantasies. Well, I'm all grown-up now. Can you still help somehow? I'm not a child, but my start still can dream. So here's my lifelong wish, My grown-up Christmas list, Not for myself, but for a world in need. No more lives torn apart, That wars would never start, And time would heal all hearts. Every man would have a friend, That right would always win, And love would never end. This is my grown-up Christmas list.
I love that song, but that is probably a better answer than I ever give.
The answer usually goes like, "Oh nothing, if I want something then I probably already have it."
Even though I don't have everything that I have ever wanted I also try to be rational most times, and correspond my wants with needs. If there are other times that they do not match up I still objectively weigh the options and then make a purchase.
I can probably count on one hand the number of gifts that mean the most to me (as far as material with intrinsic value).
They are a random assortment, but I look at each one and each represents a sacrifice and a person knowing me better than I know myself.
Each one has value that cannot be measured.
Each one represents someone that I love.
Gifts are simply an outer presentation of an inner feeling.
A feeling to give to others the greatest gift.
Realizing that is what we have received, 2000 years ago, and wise men seek Him still.


  1. I agree - but you still can't say no to footie pajamas and heelies.