Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fear not

There are plenty of things to fear, or are there. We are always told that it's okay to be afraid, but Joseph Smith taught us that fear and faith cannot reside in the same being at the same time. The world may ask well what if you can't handle it and what if it doesn't work out or you're not prepared to handle this on your own. Thanks for the tip I'll make sure to have Jesus Christ there with me every step of the way then. The facts are simple and the facts are these. He did it, everything. You want to talk with someone who knows what it is like to lose everything in one day, talk with God. You want to know what it is like to go hungry, talk with God, you want to know what it is like to feel sorrow so great for someone that you love that may not realize to what extent you love them, talk with God. He feels all of these things and realizing that can allow to take a few steps in God's shoes. Fear is a refusal to trust God, Faith is complete trust in God. If you don't think that you can do it on your own or that you are not prepared then why on Earth would you try anyway. Realize that you can't and do what you need to do and bring along Jesus Christ, your older Brother for the journey of a lifetime.

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