Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Problem or pleasure?

Have you ever been helping out with something and someone thanks you and you say, "Not a problem." The thing I want to know is what is not a problem. Is it the fact that the thing they asked you to do was so small that it doesn't merit any thanks or the idea that they weren't really overburdening you and you would have helped anyway. I have noticed that when the people sitting around me at work end a call they usually end with "not a problem."

Bro. Kauffman from Orem institute once pointed out to me the difference between not a problem, and it's my pleasure. When I would go to help with anything and he said thank you I would say it's my pleasure. I didn't really recognize the significance until he told me his feelings I just got tired of saying what everybody almost always says. Bro. Kauffman told me that the main difference is that when you say it was your pleasure you indicate that it took something to accomplish what you did and that you appreciate them acknowledging your efforts and that you enjoyed the opportunity to help/assist.

I found that after a couple of weeks of working around the people on my team I began to say the dreaded not a problem. I think I really began to notice when the people I was talking to weren't as happy when I ended the call. I realized it and began switching back to it's my pleasure and noticed that the people I had been talking with were significantly happier.

This is what I draw from that: You may think that you can be in an environment that goes against what you believe and who you are but it will effect you eventually. It doesn't have to be a sin or anything big, but you will begin to say things and do things and think like the people that you associate with. Secondly, the need to scrutinize my own feelings about service in the church. Am I one of the kinds of people that say it's my pleasure or not a problem. Thirdly, your attitude can influence others. Attitude responsibly.


  1. This one is for yesterday seeing as I was not feeling on top of my game.

  2. I LOVE this. I will have to try and think of that more often. It's my pleasure sounds so much happier. TFS :).