Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Gospel

I love the Gospel!
I love everything about it. It just makes sense. I love debating about it in the realm of spiritual things especially. The gospel will always prevail and so the realms of secularism will never diminish it, but in the realms of spiritual precedence there is not anything in existence like it. 
Debating is an interesting art, but like most things quickly lost my interest once I learned how to cheat (bad thing about ADD). I know that if I ever get too involved with something then I just analyze the system, learn to cheat it and then I can stop obsessing over it. 
I have done this with the education system, every video game that I have ever played, books, movies, etc. Debating has the same mechanism. It has multiple but grouped together they are called fallacies. You are probably familiar at least by name with some of the more popular ones but there are many. A nice list that I found includes 42; Ad Hominem, Ad Hominem Tu Quoque, Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Belief, Appeal to Common Practice, Appeal to Consequences of a Belief, Appeal to Emotion, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Flattery, Appeal to Novelty, Appeal to Pity, Appeal to Popularity, Appeal to Ridicule, Appeal to Spite, Appeal to Tradition, Bandwagon, Begging the Question, Biased Sample, Burden of Proof, Circumstantial Ad Hominem, Composition, Confusing Cause and Effect, Division, False Dilemma, Gambler's Fallacy, Genetic Fallacy, Guilt By Association, Hasty Generalization, Ignoring A Common Cause, Middle Ground, Misleading Vividness, Personal Attack, Poisoning the Well, Post Hoc, Questionable Cause, Red Herring, Relativist Fallacy, Slippery Slope, Special Pleading, Spotlight, Straw Man, Two Wrongs Make A Right and there are many others. 
I would usually construct these into my debates on purpose. I would construct a grand argument and augment it with a simple fallacy and then I would turn things over to the opponent who did what most anyone would do and they attack and try to break down the fallacy while ignoring the initial and most of the time invalid and terrible argument. 
We do this too often in the church. Opponents of the truth will always use fallacies to distract and dissuade, but the glorious thing of the gospel is that it is evidence in and of itself. There is no bravado, there is not show, no cover for the things that are not. It is simple and true and there are not holes to be found. It is complete and will always work. More so than gravity, and you can be assured that if it did not work then you did not try it. To read the book of Mormon and pray about it and say that you received no convincing witness is to say that you defied gravity, while holding onto the pencil and never letting it drop. You simply did not let the natural procession of consequences follow. 
Did you read with a pure heart, and real intent to know the mind and will of God? Did you read to gain a greater understanding of the eternal life changing truths contained therein? Did you ask Him with all the sincerity of your soul if the Book was true? 
The gospel needs no lawyers or artificers of speech and debate to proclaim the truthfulness of it. It will witness for itself. We have to let it. 
Have you let it grow within you?

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