Friday, February 4, 2011

I love to laugh

One of the best songs ever that Disney produced from their live-action era. 
I love the song, mostly because I love to laugh. I think that as long as you can focus on the good that you will always be flying high. It also teaches that there is a time and a place for everything and every emotion. Sadness is what keeps us connected with our life on earth. It reminds us of that test, or that things we've been putting off. Yet there is the middle ground. The confidence that comes from knowing that we are about the work of the Lord is something to rejoice over. 
I think that for the most part people take their jobs too seriously, especially in the church. They try to do more than their hardest. They wear themselves out, afraid that their best isn't good enough. That is because it is not.
Your best will never even be close to good enough.
That is why we have a Savior. 
He expects us to magnify our calling and to do what we can and to turn the rest over to Him in faith that He can do His own work. He loves those we serve more than we ever could. He has felt their and our pain more poignantly than we will ever comprehend and so why do we try to do more than we can?
The Jews felt this way as well and that is what caused them to look beyond the Mark. 
He is the Mark.
Our experiences are not to solely bless the lives of others and to singlehandedly do a marvelous work and a wonder. He asks us to chip in and do our part and He will magnify it beyond our wildest dreams. No one wants the church to succeed more than He does. No one knows what it means to Him more then He does. No one has invested more into it than He has. He is not going to let it fail. He will intercede and preform the miracle. 
The only question is will we be there to witness it?
We cannot yield a miracle of our own will. It must be in accordance with the will of God. If it's going to work out is there anything that we did that would not have been done otherwise? Are we really so important in our own eyes that we think that God needs us?
I know that He doesn't by a long shot, but it is my pleasure to give Him everything so that I can have the opportunity to stand and see the salvation of God and for His arm to be revealed. 
Moral of the rant on my soap box;
Learn to laugh and do everything that you can and then stand still and wait for a miracle.
It may not come in the way you expect but it will come in the way that it needs to.
Never forget that our purpose is to bring others to Christ. First and foremost. He is the one that is Mighty to save.
I hope that you take your job seriously, but also realize your place. You are not in charge. 

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