Friday, February 25, 2011

A Mega Motion Picture Event

No I am not going to make a movie, but i saw a great one. I love how there were two movies this summer that had villains who become good guys. I liked Despicable Me, but didn't really see it as that when i was watching it. I thought the major difference was that there was no good guy in the end. It was two bad guys and it ends up being a bad guy and a bad guy that is trying to learn to be a normal guy. Megamind for me was totally different in the idea that you have the very polar difference in A good guy and a bad guy, and then a new bad guy shows up and there is no good guy, but the old bad guy now becomes the good guy. I feel that in a lot of ways that I relate really well to Megamind. For most of my life I have never really had people that understand me. I fully realize that it is largely my fault and for various reasons I find it easier in a lot of ways. I see the same thing in Megamind. That only changes when he finds that one person that he can completely trust. I believe that will be the way my story goes. I also think that we share many other similarities, I like the color blue, I believe in presentation, and I have been referred to as an evil genius more than once. Genius is simply a matter of identifying a problem, simplifying it to it's root, then eliminating the root. I love Megamind and hope that you will enjoy watching it with someone who is a hero for you. Doing the hardest thing. Putting away what comes naturally to do what it right. Gives me great hopes for my future.

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