Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I feel to share

I went to a fireside on Sunday and the speaker allowed himself to deviate from the topic for a bit because he said that, "I feels to share something with you."
I thought that was a particularly interesting wording. I was impressed with his application to daily life and throughout the talk how he put a large emphasis on the fact that there are two powers at play in the world, and everyone is always one hundred percent obedient. Either to one or the other or a mixture. And that we receive wages of he whom we listed to obey. Also that we see that God in his infinite mercy seeks to make us happy and will stand by us, while Satan seeks to make us miserable and will abandon us. 
I love the simplicity of the Gospel. There are only two forces at work and the simplest way to know is to test if it is of God. If it is not then you know that the driving force behind it is Satan. God will seek to make us happy, and if we align our will with His then we will be the happiest. 
God is the happiest of men, for He enjoys the fullness of all things in their glorified and perfected state. I feel to share that there is nothing sweeter than choosing to do things His way for the right reasons. C.S. Lewis said that there is the right attitude and the wrong attitude of those who follow God. The right attitude is, "thy will be done." The wrong attitude is, "Fine, have it your way." While both ways are following God only one will lead us to be like Him. Only one will help us to recognize the blessings that come from Him.

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