Tuesday, May 10, 2011


One of the most interesting things. 
It is always so blind.
And people think love is blind.
Stupid is probably more accurate.
But hate is incredible to watch from the outside.
For whatever reason you believe that that thing or person is so evil that they will never change. Maybe even that they can never change. This logic will only damn ourselves. For the fact is that we have all committed that sin which keeps us out of the presence of the Holy God forever. 
That is all that it took.
One sin.
And if not for Christ we would all be damned forever. 
Hate would do that to others, and then ultimately after we have fed the beast and nurtured it and grown it so powerful that it would crush those we hate it rears it's ugly head and destroys us. 
That which we would take from someone else, the power to be forgiven, is the thing which we need the very most.
Hate is blind, not love.

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