Monday, May 16, 2011


So obedience is one of those things for me that you don't know that there is much more you could learn and then my favorite thing about the gospel happens and I get surprised with new things that I need to learn, or things that I apparently didn't learn well enough and have forgotten etc. 
So we have a bunch of sacrament meeting talks about obedience and we are in the Doctrine and Covenants 130th section that everyone reads. 
It talks about how there are blessings that are obtained by obedience to laws, which is true...But then I got to thinking.
We are obedient because of our love for and trust in Heavenly Father. 
Obedience qualifies us for blessings.
King Benjamin even says that, "He doth immediately bless you."
Then I thought about a lot of the kinds of blessings that we get/are given. And they are usually not just handed out on a platter like a buffet. 
I am looking that even though obedience may qualify us for certain blessings I believe that in order to receive some of those blessings we may have to ask. 
We learn that some blessings which Heavenly Father is already willing to give us are withheld on the basis of not asking. 
I am going to look into it some more and let you know back on my findings, but it is interesting anyway for now.

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