Friday, May 13, 2011


Being a Disney freak I love magic!
A lot of people speculate about what is magic and what is good and bad about magic. 
I find that most people can't describe what magic is yet most people have no problem categorizing it as bad or good.
Magic is funny that way.
The hard part about magic for most people is that it is trying to explain a feeling.
For me magic is when I get to experience my true self. My ancient, eternal self.
Most people cannot describe this feeling and they call it magic, magical, special, spiritual.
Spirituality is different for me. Spirituality is more of my progression here in this life.
Magic is the re-awakening of something just as real, but ancient and powerful.

It is fantastic!
It is not necessarily the card tricks and other things although I believe that some magic is useful.
Sleight of hand is often referred to as magic. It is in a way helping us realize that what we physically perceive is insufficient at best. It teaches us to not rely on ourselves and our instinct and that we should be observant but not so focused that we miss the point. 
It teaches us to look for things. The fact is that there is a logical explanation for magic. Whether chemicals in your brain, or having a card up your sleeve. What is behind real magic though is something great. 
I notice it most in environments. Some people are social and some are not. Some love the mountains and others love the beach. Some love Mt. Rushmore and some love Disneyland. But there are certain places that we go to feel and remember and reconnect with our powerful self. 
I believe that it is true that there is a lot that has to be said for vacations and lack of stress triggering things in the brain, and that there is a logical explanation for most things in life. But the good things of God that help us to become better people and give us a strength beyond our own learned strength here is not so easily explainable. 
There is no reason why when I go to the mountains and take pictures and talk with God that I can handle the next week better. There is no reason that when I do something for someone else my natural talents are magnified 100 times over. There is no reason that going to the temple can shift me into a different realm of thought for days. There is no reason that Disneyland is also one of those places either.
The only thing that I can really think is that it is a place that for me it is easier to talk to God. Some people may think that is strange, especially if you have been in the summer, but wherever your place is. I recommend that you find your places where it is easier to talk with God. 
They are magical.

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