Monday, May 16, 2011


For FHE we went to a local cemetery and helped them clean up for Memorial Day.
We were digging up dead rosebushes.
My Bishop (who is incredible FYI) was teamed up with Roger (who is also incredible) and myself. The bishop was telling us how they make rosebushes like the ones that we were extracting and about their root system and it was incredible. Roger was also talking about how some of the greatest and tallest trees (Coast Redwood) grow root systems that are only feet above the ground, but can stay standing because they intertwine roots with each other. 
Another interesting thing is that we each started digging on our own until we found that three digging on one bush was much faster than any of us were working on our own. 
We had some other great insightful moments, the difference between hacking at the leaves vs the roots; using the right tools for the job, and elk hide gloves. 
I think that our ward is the greatest ever, lessons I learned while digging up rosebushes.

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