Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am so excited to hear that Kid History is going to pre-release in a theater in Pleasent Grove (I typed PG, until I realized that looked kinda bad). I think that kid history is a great insight into the way that kids see things.
We tell stories based on what we remember and the rest we fill in. 

Some people call it exaggeration, some people call it enhancement, but that is just part of story telling.
It is interesting to see what kids fill in when they can fill in with anything. 
These are probably stories that have been told and retold, and the kids find interesting pieces and then fill in the rest.
I am always interested to be able to actually look through the eyes of someone else to gain new perspective on life.
But to look through the eyes of a child is something that is priceless. 
What they see as important and the kind of language they use and the way that they end stories, and start stories, and the people they include and what they have certain people saying and the fact that they just sometimes get lost while telling a story and start talking about something that can hold their attention. 
Not to mention that they are just great, clean, funny videos. 
I am making plans to attend the premier in June. Fact!
Will you be there?

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