Friday, May 20, 2011

Zomibe Apocalypse

So I just found out that apocalypse is spelled phonetically and I think that is pretty cool.
But on the other hand I thought that I would get in on the action of "the world is ending tomorrow since it has been everywhere. Let me just say that if it is tomorrow and if there is a zombie apocalypse that Spanish Fork would be a really bad place to start, and especially my house. Nuf' said.
It was actually interesting hearing a bunch of people talk about it at work today, because the overall consensus was that we really felt bad for the people involved. 
I don't know if you have ever really wanted something.
Wanted something so bad that you put all of you hopes, and dreams, and wishes and belief into it.
Then had that thing ridiculed.
That is terrible.
The worst thing though is not to have it ridiculed, but to find out that that thing that you had believed in was not at all what you thought that you had believed in.
It would crush most people.
It was interesting as I taught people on my mission and then again as I came home to see peoples reactions to me. Probably the best compliment I have ever got went something like, "You know if God appeared to you tomorrow and gave you sufficient evidence that He was God and told you that there was no true church on the face of the Earth and there would not be until the Second Coming, you would wake up the next morning and keep on living you life the exact same way that you are right now wouldn't you?"
To which I responded yes.
He wanted to know why.
I told him something to the effect of, "I have never been happier in my entire life. Though I would like to make a clarification. When you say the exact same way you are right now I want you to understand that I live life in crescendo. I would not be the same in two years or two months or two weeks. But, yes. I would still serve out the rest of my mission, I would still go to the temple, and church and read and pray, and do everything that I am doing now. The reason why is because it is simply a better way to live. Can you tell me the same thing about the way that you live?"
To which he replied no. 
I relived that conversation many times over with many different people in many different circumstances with some variation in the dialogue. Faith, hope, and charity. I truly feel bad for those who are going to have their lives crushed tomorrow. But I feel that there will be more opportunity to go out and find those who unfortunately have to answer no.

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