Saturday, May 14, 2011

Magical Magic (Magic pt. 2)

I find that along with places that are easier to talk with God magical places have this aura that erases time. 
The fact is that we are not creatures of time.
We have always existed. That in and of itself should floor you. We not only have always existed but we have always existed in a place where time did not exist.
Now we come to Earth and have deadlines, traffic jams, start times, end times, late, early, etc. not to mention the need for sleep.
It is a concept that is completely foreign to our eternal selves. 
Magical places have a way of erasing all that. 
When you can go to the temple and spend hours that feel like minutes. You can go up in the woods and trees and spend days that feels like an afternoon. Disneyland, where hours melt away and you feel for once like you are not only beating the clock but you are in control of the clock. The Art Ball where you can dance the night away and never think about it twice. 
Yes, so, I may have discovered a new magical place. It is interesting. Being an eccentric person I have a certain taste for the unique and different. The Art Ball is held at the Springville Museum of Art and it is an old building. Old hallways with stories that could take a thousand life times to tell. A courtyard with statues and a fountain (okay several fountains throughout). Rustic wooden doors that could not have come off an assembly line. It was fantastic! 
It is just one of those times when time stands still and becomes irrelevant. We begin to understand time and space as God understands them (infinitely less, but hey, you have to start somewhere). We can go forward and use those experiences to benchmark our life. We can reflect on those feelings and make sure that we are keeping ourselves in check with what we have found to be correct. I love those experiences.
Thanks to a very special friend who shared her magical place with me tonight. 

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