Monday, May 9, 2011

The Plays the thing

So tonight I got a treat that I don't often have and that was to go to a play!
An original play nonetheless.
I love the theatre. The lights, the acting, the story, plot and sub plot all masterfully displayed on the stage. I love the written plays, but I must confess that they are extremely hard to get through, even modern day ones when you compare them with the actual play.
Hence the play's the thing for me. Reading them, and I love reading, is nothing compared to seeing it on stage.
I think that the fact is that I cannot really connect with all the characters as I am reading. 

The fun things about plays are you see the flippant attitudes strewn across the stage in full color and they being to remind you of people.
Then I suddenly see the play with people I know in their places and it becomes so real for me. 

It is a lot like a dream for me, but only in real life. 
You always have those dreams, where you are in a movie or a book and you replace yourself with the good character and your friends and you are off on an adventure. The adventure of a lifetime.
So I say thank you, because the play's the thing.

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