Saturday, May 14, 2011


Z is one of those other letter that I haven't used yet, until now.
Up and down, side to side, the zigzag is one of the most misunderstood designs ever. People usually hate it. You feel like you never get anywhere and there is a logical reason behind that, being that the shortest path to any point is a straight line then a zigzag has to be the longest. 
The sad thing is thought that people don't pay attention to the direction they are traveling. While we may do lots of side to side or up and down in life we are moving forward. If there were no up and down then there would be no forward. 
It was on Tuesday when I was leaving for work and David asked how my week was so far and I responded with, "Absolutely grand, but I wish the weather would stop teasing us and it would just stay warm."
He then proceeded to tell me that the apocalypse was upon us because I had said something not 100% positive. I simply explained that you have to embrace all the good in life, but it doesn't do anyone any favors to ignore the bad. If you just ignore it then it will only get worse. 
The weather is something that I cannot control (although that would be freaking sweet) so I pick out all the good in my life, separate it out from the bad. and then separate each pile into two piles. Things I can control, and things I can't control. Then I group all the things I can control together and all the things I can't control together. Acknowledging the good and the bad that I cannot control are also essential. 
I never took very much happiness in the, "the sun will still come up tomorrow the world is not over attitude." Granted that is something to be happy about and grateful for, but the fact is that I did not have control over that. I did nothing to help or hinder that nor could I. 
I needed something to be happy about that I could control. 
I decided to pray that everyday God would put someone in my path or let me know where to go to find someone that I could help. Then no matter what happened during that day it had a purpose. I was finding the person God had prepared for me to find and help. I have also done other things over time that have helped me to be more positive, but just remember that along the zigzag of life you need to keep focused on the forward movement and wear your seatbelt. Because just when you think it is going to zig it ends up zagging.

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