Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long awaited days

Waiting for a day is something that I don't do very well.
But this time I have done really well. For the most part.
My sister comes home tomorrow from her mission to the people of Houston, Texas. They are super lucky to have had her for 18 months! Which has actually been more like 18.5 months. 
We are all super excited for her to be back. 
It is interesting when you lose a piece of a puzzle you can put it together as many times as you like but it is still missing a piece. We know that she was needed out there and has had a great time and we have been truly blessed while she has been out, but to think of everything that having her back will mean to our family and me is pretty exciting to think about. 
Looking forward to a grandiose day tomorrow. 
It has been a long awaited day!

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