Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Throne of Fire

It may be a cool title for my blog but it is not my title, it is the second of the books in the Kane Chronicles. Again no spoilers, no teasers of any kind, because i don't really like that kind of thing, but all of these books that I read have a pretty common set of themes; good v.s. evil, discovering your own great potential, love or some other grand quest, happiness...the list is quite extensive. Some books have some themes in greater depth than others or some are missing themes all together and have some of the regular with their own original twist (my personal favorite like from an aspiring author I know).
I notice that some books can really move you forward and backward and keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what happens next, and some books are just boring. I find that the books that I like most usually have themes that I can relate to. 
That is why I will never understand why people find the scriptures so boring. I find themes that I can relate to so well; having no idea what to do about some some task, good v.s. evil is obviously in there, friends who are good influences, bad influences, good parenting, bad parenting, love, and of coarse happiness.
I find that of all the themes that happiness is the greatest. You want a how to do it yourself book on happiness? Well unfortunately there isn't one but the Book of Mormon is the closest that you will get. 
Here's to good reading.

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