Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bridling your passions

A very Book of Mormon phrase and partially continued from my last post but not really.
Holmes has perfect control over his emotions. They never cloud his judgement. 
His eccentricities become his power because he has learned balance (except for a few things that will be in later posts).
His emotions likewise become his weapon because he has harnessed their power. 
People are very powerful, but often act like a thousand pin pricks instead of a spear.
Instead of concentrated our power and letting that concentration become our new power, we feel that our little contributions in life are sufficient. 
The truth is that we realize that in order to bridle our passion into the true force that it can be it is going to require a great amount of effort and we are lazy.
Holmes being the Master of his own emotions becomes the master of others'. 
Only as we order our passions, much like a garden that is over-grown, will our passions serve any productive purpose.

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