Sunday, November 13, 2011

Early Christmas Present

So I am not going to join the Christmas in November rampage, and in all actuality this little to do with it, it just seemed fitting.
I thought that I would take the next little bit to talk about Stake Conference as it was a fantastic time and revelatory experience for me. 
It really was like an early Christmas present. I got to spend the entire day in meetings, and learning about myself. I think that it is interesting to hear people talk about meetings in different ways. They go stir-crazy, they lose focus and they get nothing out of them are common responses. I feel that I can appreciate those responses being ADD myself. 
I also find that there are ways to over come it. I probably drive some of those people crazy because I shift. 
I find that I can concentrate much better if I go in certain positions.
I can concentrate in each position for 10 minutes and then move to a new position. 
Hence it probably drives people nuts. 
Other simple things like taking notes, participating, being well rested. These all culminate in the ability to enoy a meeting.
The most important is the focus.
I go to meetings to worship the Savior and the gain revelation. 
I find that with most things in life, the less you worry about you and the more that you worry about someone else, the better off you are.
The differences between a good meeting and a bad meeting is what I take to it, what I expect to get from it, and what I do to actively participate during.
Now you can't very well participate in an extroverted manner when someone else is talking, but you can engage yourself in the topic, you can teach yourself, and you can take the Holy Ghost for your guide as to what you need to learn. 
It is easier to do things that were once hard.
I hope you enjoy these next few bouts of Stake Conference Highlights and other "Random thoughts that come throughout life."

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