Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pet Peeve Numer 8

So not a lot irritates me and I have shrunken the list down significantly, but there are still a few things that boil me in unpleasant ways.
Number 8 is people who are not willing to stick up for Peter.
The apostle Peter
Maybe you've heard of him.
Man of incredible faith, second person to walk on the water by faith, healer, teacher, resurrected being who helped restore the Priesthood to the Earth....
The list goes on
So why people cannot deal with a few things in his life that they deem "sketchy."
"Why is it so hard to stand behind someone who always stood behind the Lord.
Peter was full of faith. He never faltered. From the day he forsook his nets and boats, his feet never turned away. Even in his moment of denial, he was a near to his Lord as he could be. Let him who would be critical of this apostle put himself in the same place—among the bitterest enemies, persecutors, and assassins—with a growing knowledge of the futility of defending his Lord, whose hour had come. He who had forgiven his crucifiers [see JST Luke 23:34c footnote] also forgave Peter who had denied him."
-President Spencer W. Kimball
I am proud to have him in my Priesthood line of Authority as a great man and Champion of the cause of Truth.
He is my brother and friend.

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