Monday, November 14, 2011


However funny when I think it is related with my soreness and tiredness from the turkey bowl. 
People can sometimes lose all sense of themselves when they are afraid. 
Like thinking that I was actually going to hurt them even though I scream like a warrior and act big.
Enough said. 
I am bemused.
Fear though seems interesting. People show have no reason to fear, or what you would expect as no reason to fear still have fear because they do not fully trust God. 
I find that funny because no matter how much you worry about a said event it either will come to pass or it will not. 
Those are the only two options.
I can strive and do everything in my power to effect my contribution and effect my personal growth or lack thereof through the process, but worrying about it much like crying about it, never really fixes anything.
Emotional value and other factors may play in, but the finality of what happens is not effected.

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