Thursday, November 3, 2011

How very observant

I love how there is always a bit here and there in Sherlock Holmes' tales where he makes what appear to be incredible conclusions based on absolutely nothing.
He then goes on to tell them how he deduced what he knew. 
One thing that he tells Watson on occasion is that, "You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear."
Sherlock is in the same room and hears and sees the same things as his companions but he observes. 
One of my favorite is a simple how many stairs are there to come up here? You don't know, neither did I. Then I become more observant. I have a respectable memory and started putting it to good use. I could find things that were lost because when I saw them they were not lost. But when they became lost I could find them. Seeing went from an endless flood of visual information to millions of facts coming through my optic nervous system in a constant stream. Taking notice of things around you. 
The most important part is that it taught me how to be happier. 
I went from existing to thriving. I could stop to notice things that most people take for granted, and appreciate it. That in turn helped me to appreciate life.

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