Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Learning and learning

So I am weird. 
Not that that was news to anyone, but just to establish that for the post
There is learning and then there is learning.
One of the things that I like to do is that I really like taking classes from the same teacher over and over and over.
I know that some of you are thinking that that sounds a lot like your nightmares.
I am not talking about college classes though (my only thought, intent and purpose were to get in and get out as fast, and painlessly as possible).
I am talking about institute classes
Spiritual learning.
Most of us are adept in one form or another to learning from books, but if you haven't noticed yet there is no book for life. 
No handbook, no instruction manual, no parts list, no spec sheet. 
So what are we to do?
The scriptures say that we must take the Holy Spirit for our guide and go.
Great. That was super helpful.
Obviously listening to the Spirit is key. 
That is not a strong suit of mine anyway.
Still not helping.
So seriously what to do.
I decided to practice.
When you go to class and hear something new it is easy to take away something insightful.
When you go to class and hear the same thing with the same slides, and the same jokes, and the same stories....
Is it quite so easy?
That has been my personal challenge.
I take classes over and over and over from the same teachers, who teach the same thing, give or take, so that I can learn how to learn new things from old material. 
The material and the teacher no longer do the teaching.
If I am to learn anything then I have to rely on the spirit to teach me everything that I need to know.
His insight becomes priceless, not just a "bonus."
I have to learn through the spirit because the teacher can no longer teach me anything.
It forces my growth in new ways that I would have never reached.
So if you see me in your institute class and the teacher seems to know me really well. 
That is because they do.
This isn't my first rodeo.
However you do it, you need to find ways to learn from the Spirit, for "He will teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance."
That is pretty amazing.
We just need to find our way in to the radio station.

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