Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You've got something that I want

Great song! Really Great song!
Human beings are ridiculous.
I thought about the quote from Cool Runnings, "If you are not enough without it, then you will never be enough with it."
It strikes me that this is true in every sense.
A friendly exchange took place with the overall feeling being something like, "...it depends on why a miserable person is feeling miserable. It isn't always as simple as wanting to be happy. If there is a cause, that is an omission of something, then the introduction of what was missing could resolve the state of being miserable."
While we were discussing something different, but altogether related (things you can control that make you happy, I thought that it applies well, and have heard it used to address things that you cannot control)
I think that it is so incredible. 
Most people actually believe this.
The fact that something could actually affect you and who you are.
I guess I am harsh because I am a really big Holocaust junkie
I read books, watch movies, documentaries, talked with survivors, anything that I can learn.
People who literally had everything taken away and not only learned how to survive, but how to thrive in a place where there was no hope, no happiness, no life, no family, no love, no food, nothing.
And yet these amazing people had within themselves what it took to be happy. It is not as easy as wanting to be happy, but yet you do not NEED things to make you happy.
I am not saying that the survivors were happy, I do not know one person who is happy everyday. 
What I am saying is that THINGS or the lack of things will never make you happy.
People who thrived in Auschwitz, thrived after Auschwitz. 
People who barely survived went on barely surviving.
They may not have been happy, jolly all the time, but they learned that they possessed indomitable spirits that no one or thing could possess. They would not give up.
We are prone to give up until things are a certain way, until a group accepts us, until we make more money, until the person we love chooses to love us back
All of those things are superficial.
We have to decide to Carpe Diem regardless of what happens in life.
Make the most of it even if that means having waffles for dinner.
Nothing will ever make a person unhappy that is determined to live each day like they are going to die.
Nothing will make you happy. You have to choose to thrive and not be oppressed when things just don't go your way.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Stop wating.
Be happy! 

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