Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So if you are checking this as the sequel to yesterday and wonder what in the world bells have to do with anything then you will just have to read. It's not that long, come on. 
Tonight we sang, "I heard the bells on Christmas day" just finishing up the second round through Christmas carols and it says, "Then peeled the bells more loud and sweet God is not dead nor doth He sleep. The wrong shall fail the right prevail." Therein lies one of the issues with trusting God
We do not see the big picture. It never says anything about the righteous not suffering and the righteous going to go and win some great victories and be invincible. 
Yeah, okay when you say it like that it sounds a bit ridiculous. The problem is that it is pretty accurate when the wheel hits the pavement. 
I've done it. God am I not doing everything that I can be doing and then THIS? Really? Is that fair? 
I've come to believe that life is more fair than we imagine. 
Trust in God means that we are milling to submit without reservation. It is not a "fine have it your way" attitude. That leaves us with nothing. It must be a "Thy will be done, I don't understand. I don't have to. Let me know that it is Thy will and I will accept it. I will make the best of it." 
When you combine that with the Atonement, which will give us, "Beauty for ashes, the garment of joy for sorrow..." then we will not only make the best of it, but it will make the best of us. It will turn what we thought to be ugly, used up and worthless into the Eternal Glory of our Father in Heaven. That is the beauty of the Atonement. Because Christ suffered, we need not. Pain is obligatory, suffering is optional, only through Him. God is not dead, He does not sleep. If you are awake tonight He is with you. If you are suffering He yearns to come to you. If you are wondering where He is you should ask Him. 
All of the things that I was "cheated" out of by life will be restored an hundred fold. The opportunities that someone unjustly stole will be restored an hundred fold. I will not be deprived of anything because of the infinite Atonement that the Savior suffered. He is ever mindful, I am not nearly mindful enough of Him. 
So when life seems unfair. That is just it. It seems unfair. It can never really be unfair. It will all be made right.

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