Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can We See the Christ?

Second Counselor in the First Presidency
One night a grandfather was reading a story to his four-year-old granddaughter when she looked up and said, “Grandpa, look at the stars!” The older man smiled kindly and said, “We’re indoors, honey. There are no stars here.” But the child insisted, “You have stars in your room! Look!”
The grandfather looked up and, to his surprise, noticed that the ceiling was peppered with a metallic glitter. It was invisible most of the time, but when the light struck the glitter a certain way, it did indeed look like a field of stars. It took the eyes of a child to see them, but there they were. And from that moment on, when the grandfather walked into this room and looked up, he could see what he had not been able to see before.
There are so many things that we have to be grateful for. I hope with President Uchtdorf that we take time to see those things that have been there all along and yet escaped our view. Taking time to realize that we have all and more than we are currently looking for will greatly reduce the amount of looking for that which we are looking for. There are things and people that we have had and yet have not been able to see before. Things that make no logical sense, but yet when we too look, we see them. May we pray for eyes to see that which is already ours, especially at this time of Christmas.

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