Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where did it go?

Sweating the small stuff or as Elder Maxwell said, "Getting lost in the thick of thin things." What are the thin things, Christmas is a good time to ask that question. I was in the process of planning a get together and it was said of it something to the effect that it won't be anything fancy, to which I replied good I like it like that. It will be a group of friends getting together to share in the spirit of friendship or the spirit of Christ. I contrasted that with the wedding reception which I attended earlier. It had been going on all evening and being good friends of both the bride and the groom wished to come late stay late and get to talk with them. The cursed line was still there and it was really ironic. The parents were quite candid and expressed the feeling that they no longer had any feeling in their legs and were ready to be done. The bride was starving and the groom looked tired out of his mind and I thought, "what a fantastic way to celebrate living the rest of your lives together. 
Now before I get a bunch of hate mail and other such things I grant that there are some unfair conclusions that can be drawn from this and I only use this example as a contrast of irony having had both experiences in the dame day and I know them both and they are very happy together. But the point is that something simple is almost more enjoyable than a huge extravaganza bonanza. Do we look beyond the mark and hit it? I know that all too often I do. I look forward to things that will be and not the moment that is. I find that it is too easy to forget to love, to share, to be kind, to reach out and the problem with that is that it is Christmas for crying out loud. What is it all about?

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