Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today was a good day

I was just reminded how amazing each day is and how much you are missed for one day. If you have ever thought that you can check out spiritually for one day and take a break I beg to differ. Some of you may be aware of the release of Catacylsm and some may not know what that is. Well with it's release yesterday there were lots of people not at work today They were sorely missed. If you think that someone will just pick up your slack, you are right. The major problem comes from two ideas that I've seen; the other person is not you, and you are not the other person. 
First, the other person is not you. They will pick up the slack and cover for you it is true. The work of God goes on, however, they are not you. You have unique things that you bring to the table and that only you can offer. Will it still get done, yes, but will it be the same no. Chris at work is a lot better at most things, and not having him to call and talk to about certain issues was miserable today. 
Secondly, you are not the other person. You miss out on the opportunity to grow and learn and experience life in new ways. You will never get to have what you gave to the other person. You will not lose anything that is vital, but you may lose something that you will miss very much.
I'm not saying you can never take a vacation from work, but you can never take a vacation from the gospel. It can deprive you of the blessings that you have been seeking, whether a mission, or temple marriage, or the feelings of joy and peace that come from service in the Church. 
Even though work was harder today, it was a good day. I am glad that I was there to experience it. Life will be harder when others leave us to pick up the slack, but it will be a good day if we are where we need to be doing what we need to do.

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