Saturday, December 25, 2010


This Christmas I go to have one of those I didn't know I was missing it until I got it and realized that my life was more complete because I had it experiences. I am that person that you hate to draw their name out of a hat for a Christmas party kind of person. The terrible person to shop for. My own mother won't even shop for me anymore, because chances are that if I wanted it I have already gotten it. It is a terrible thing I know, but none the less it is the case. This is usually how my gift purchasing works. I see something and I want to buy it, so I go home and research it to see what it is worth. Then I wait a few weeks and if I still want it then I shop around for good deals. Then I wait a few months until it feels right and then I buy it.  
Well standard issue Christmas this year. I got done with my Christmas shopping by around November 28th and was ready to just be done shopping for the season. I imagined that this Christmas was going to be the regular get everything that you went and bought and know that you have a few small surprises under the tree as well that Mom knew were safe to get, because she wanted you to have some surprises. Well I was very unfortunately wrong. I blessed to be friends with a Master Gift Giver. I have no real recollection of how or when this person heard me say it, but I recall talking with someone and it may have even been them about how cool it would be to have a pocket flask like Mad Eye Moody from the Harry Potter series. 
Well the 24th comes around and I start to make some clean up rounds to deliver the last of my Christmas presents. I obtained one in return whilst about my deliveries and it was indeed a very classy, pocket sized flask. I was astounded. I had a flood of emotions. I could not believe that in so many years of no one even attempting to shop for me, which I am more than perfectly fine with this person had gifted me something that was without question one of the greatest Christmas presents ever. I look at it and know that it was something that I did not get myself and that adds an intrinsic value that infinitely increases its worth. 
I think of the Savior. He too has given me something that I could not get myself. Something that through my own neglect I have not given myself. He is the Master Gift Giver and it is through Him that we gain the Gift that we yearn for most. 

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