Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breakfast at IHOP

Had breakfast today with one of the greatest people I know. It was fantastic to see him after so much time and get to catch up and share breakfast. We discussed some interesting things over omelets and pancakes. Mostly about life and what makes the biggest difference in life. It was attitude. He told me about a person that he used to work with who everybody looked at and would always say why can't I have her life, it must be perfect, she is always so happy. He knew the back story to her life though. She had problems that most people would look at and crumble into pieces, yet she was happy. 
We determine our own happiness. 
If you are unhappy with life you are unhappy with yourself. There are only two kinds of problems in the world those that can be solved and those that can't be solved. If it can't be solved then breaking your back over it will never amount to anything. However, true greatness rises from seeing with clear vision problems that can be solved that others say cannot be solved. That clarity only comes when we can adequately address what can and cannot be solved, or in other words, what we can and cannot control. When we worry about that which we cannot control we lose control of that which we had. The simple truth is, as Elder Bednar said, "Control is an illusion." If you think that you are in control of your life then you are either conceited and sorely mistaken or miserable and absolutely right. When and only when we concede "control" of our life to God do we understand what we can and cannot "control." We understand that each of His children have agency. We understand that with that supreme power we are enabled to "make our lives and what we'll be." We can choose happiness or we can choose misery. If we live our lives to bless others and enrich their lives then we can never be truly sad, for we realize that in as much as we have come to love them that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them more. We realize that He infinitely more so than we do, has their best interest at heart. We know that the only cause for sorrow in the world is sin, but we like God realize that it is something that we cannot control. We do not seek that which we cannot have. It is unwise. 
The more that we live our lives as He would have us, the more that happiness envelopes our life. Everything that we do becomes a gift from Him. It is as though we can His divine love in all that we do throughout the day. There is nothing that He gives us that we do not give thanks for. It is sublime. 
The difference between gold and silver in the Olympics is usually .125 points or .01 seconds. There is not enough time in all the world to worry about things that we cannot control. It is enough to lose the Gold if we take our eyes off of the prize.
He is our prize. That we may become like Him, that when He shall appear we will be like Him, must start today. It gave me a greater sense of urgency to start today. 

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  1. Sounds like a great breakfast conversation. And thanks for the reminder.