Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fast Learning

Fast Sunday starts soon and it is a grand time of the month. The fast is an incredible opportunity to have prayers answered and grow stronger spiritually. The way I view prayer is more like a phone. If you have service bars you can make a call. Even if you have one bar the call still goes through, but if you have five then you have a super good connection. The bars of service is like the strength of the Spirit in our lives
The point of prayer is to align our will with God's or in other words, find out what God wants us to be doing in life. Fasting gives us the ability to focus on what the Spirit is saying, we still have to make the call and ask the questions and wait for the response but the stronger that we feel the Spirit the more likely we are to get a clear answer that will help us write the coarse for our path in life. I hope that you have a happy fast day. Isaiah 58 is a good chapter to read if you are not. Have a happy day!

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