Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don;t get mad, get glad

I have never really understood why people get mad, or upset (including me, it has just never made much sense at all). I wish I knew sometimes, though I find that the more I find out about life the less that actually gets me upset. I usually feel bad for another person who has yet to come to realize the peace by not being offended. I have met people who just refuse to forgive and forget, but I am talking about general unhappiness in the world. I am talking about the things that allow me to spend a lot of time around someone and never see them smile. It just isn't healthy and most of the time it is ourselves that we are most aghast with. 
Have you ever prayed to have the Lord change someone else? I have, often. Change this persons heart so that they will be nice, change this person so that they will not be stupid, you get the general idea. What about us though? I find that when I pray like that the reason I feel that way is that I don't like who I am around that person. I need the Lord to change me so that I am not that way around that person. 
It really comes down to responsibility for ourselves. We identify what someone else needs to fix and are often wrong about what they need to fix because I find that people are more often than not reflections of us. That is why God can truly love everyone, He sees himself in them. If we were just happy with ourselves then it would not be a constant session of what they do wrong. It would be an opportunity to evaluate what we do not like about ourselves. 
It is peculiar who we can pray for God to show us our weakness and then have an opportunity to get to know someone and see "their" flaws, and pass away from that experience not having a greater sense of ourselves. 
If you feel that someone is always fake, then chances are that you are often fake. If you feel that someone is prideful then chances are that you are prideful.
The old adage it takes on to know one is usually very true. If we did not have those fatal vices then it would simply not bother us. Our presence would begin to lift the other person and we would take the opportunity to return the favor of being a mirror in which they can evaluate what they are doing wrong. 
The more that we become like Him the more that we will be happy and tend to look upon others with the infinite compassion that He does. Then we will be truly happy, that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.

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