Friday, December 17, 2010

The Gift of a Savior

I was browsing and saw this scroll by, "The Gift of a Savior." 
I am so glad to know that even though life is hard that we have things that bring us joy. Stupid things really, when I sat back and looked at my life today. Work was hard because there was a lot of sitting and waiting today, and when I can't keep actively engaged I start to go crazy more so my mind that anything else. It is my curse among other things that I inherited from my father, he is always thinking. I digress, so I started playing some of the "training clips" which mostly involve stupid things or simple silly things. I really liked the Yoda doing the voice for TOM TOM and watched it several times laughing. It was so interesting the ideas that he translates. It had me thinking about perspective and how we see the world around us. Are we so set upon what we are used to seeing that if it is different we get irritated? 
Another video I watched was an experiment to see what people really see in the world around them and pay attention to. They have a counter and a man gives the person who comes in a form to fill out. They fill out the form and he takes the form and puts it under the counter and a different man in a different colored shirt with different colored hair gives them a packet to take. 75% of the people tested did not realize that the person was a completely different person. 
So now you ask what do these videos have to do with the gift of a Savior? Nothing really, if not to draw an abstract parallel. 
The little things in life are what give it meaning. I define the entire time I spent waiting for someone to call by two simple videos. I define a day by one call, or one person whose life is now better because they ran across me today, a week by spending a day with someone special. Our lives are made up of defining moments, events that lead to a process.  So it is with the gospel. We are a sum of our experiences. Many small experiences add up quickly. The Gift of a Savior was something that was esteemed as not. It was something so small that was unaccompanied with fanfare and commotion that it passed by the watchful eye of many. It will be the same for us until we can come to take time and enjoy the small things in our lives. The things that really make life worth living. If I can find meaning in the small things in the world around me it helps me to find God in the small ways that he cares for me daily.

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