Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Secondly, even though it is just as important

I felt the gift was free.

The Savior has made it clear that all may come and partake. I call it the shed principle. There is one door. There is a diamond in the shed. You want the diamond. You proceed to walk away from the shed. 


That makes absolutely no sense right?

Some people feel that the "church" is too restrictive, which really means they think God is too restrictive, but they just blame the church as if they were in charge. They don't want to have to walk to the shed. God really doesn't care what we do in life. He only cares about what we become. The problem lies herein, that we become what we do. If we refuse to go to the shed we will never retrieve what lies therein. As with Eternal life, the kind of life that God lives, we must make the journey to obtain what lies therein. When we get there I almost expect it to be empty though, because who I am once I get there will be worth more than what I hoped to find inside. I have a feeling that it will not be empty, but it will seem so.

The Savior as the Master gift giver gave freely. He knew in fact that many who would eventually come to accept His gift would spurn Him and that some who would now accept it would abandon Him later in life. He also knew that some would never accept His gift. But He also knew there would be some who would see His gift for what it was. The only chance we had of getting where we wanted to go. He gave freely, and sacrificed of His own accord to give us that chance. 

We have a choice. Do we give because our heart says that we should? Do we feel obligated? Do we give because we feel something more?  Do we give because we felt what He felt? If we do then we will give freely. No expectation of anything in return. Then others will feel that it is free.

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