Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to December

No this isn't a post about a great Taylor Swift song, though I have listened to it recently and like it for the most part. I just needed a title and it was on my mind. 
I love my institute class. I think that it is interesting to see different teaching styles though. I love how the gospel works differently on different people and you can totally tell the way that some people teach. There are some people who teach with source material, from source material, and with no source material. I prefer with no source material. It is much more difficult,  but everything is until it gets easy. There are teachers who demand class participation, encourage class participation, and discourage class participation by lecturing. Depending on the circumstance my mode changes but I know that I like the second option and things usually go best with the middle option. 
So why no source material. I find that writing a talk out was always laborious for me. I can never follow a topic and I prefer to derive topics and lessons and principle from the scriptures that are applicable to our lives and that is hard to do with lots of forethought. It floes much better to be speaking and then realize that it relates to a scripture and then deliver the contents of the scriptures in an applicable format. 
Kinda besides the point except that we had a substitute tonight that was a different style from our normal teacher, so it was different. 
We are in 3rd Nephi and talking about the teachings of the Savior to the people in the America's and miracle were introduced to the lesson with what seemed to be an intended tangent so that we didn't spend too much time in 3rd Nephi which irked me because I think that most people are uncomfortable in the particular block we are in because they do not understand it. But anyway we spent a good chunk of class covering two week old sunday school material but I got to thinking on my own tangent of the tangent of miracles and faith.
In 3rd Nephi Jesus Christ tells the people that he has never seen such great faith among all the Jews and that they have neither heard nor seen the things which they have heard and seen.
So I thought to reason that they learned by faith. Which means that learning by faith means that you discern spiritually, because of great faith, the true nature of things. Growing in faith means that your understanding grows and that as you come closer to the Savior that you accept with faith, based on prior manifestations the truth of what is presented. Faith is the price. Because of great faith they heard and saw things that others did not, because they were willing to do what others were not. They understood and continually grew in their understanding. That is why two people can sit in the same room and hear the same things and one understands and one does not. The one who understands exercises faith based on prior knowledge and experience. The one who misses the point refuses to accept immediately what has been given and wants to mull it over and separate it and put it back together. When the Spirit came to the first and said this is true and you need to change he said yes. The second said well I need to change to here and here but what has this got do with anything. I am fine there. 
Faith to change is a willingness to accept that we are not perfect and that perfection in it's truest form is progression. When we are becoming perfect we are always changing. Hence perfection is only achieved by gaining the narrow and narrowing way that leads to eternal life. From the distance a vanishing point is observed as the destination. when finding it however we realize that the road stretches on. Not to realize that the journey to perfection is impossible, but it is in our "eternal" progression. We will always be becoming more perfected. I submit that there is nothing that does not need changing and modifying in our lives even though we may have reached a perfection.

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