Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Your very best?

You should only watch this if you want your life changed (and the rest of the blog to make sense)

What is my very best?
The funny thing about that question is that only God knows until I have achieved it. Then we both do.
Many people give various reasons for trials. I side with the scriptures and other writers like C.S. Lewis. Trials show us what our potential is. They show us where we are weak and where we are strong and often times, if we press on to the end, we have achieved more than we thought possible. Faith is the blindfold that allows us to truly achieve that which we cannot imagine. For if we walked by "knowledge" and not by faith we would stop at the 30 having given our all and the rest of our potential would be wasted. The truth is that we have no knowledge to walk by if it was not for faith which grows into a perfect knowledge.

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