Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm trying to be like Jesus

So one of my favorite primary songs and an interesting idea that I have been stewing over (for a really long time but recently as well).
Why do I do the things that I do?
This had a new level added to it for me. I was at FHE and there was a girl there that was asking some of the leaders for help. She wasn't from the ward but I could tell that she wasn't going to get any help either so I offered to help her with the math. 
Time out.
Why do we go to FHE?
To socialize?
To do something on Monday nights?
Or is it really to worship God?
I decided that helping with math was what I ought to do and so I helped with her math while everyone else went out and went on the amazing service scavenger hunt. (It really was the best organized service scavenger thing I have ever seen.) 
This got me to thinking though. 
Do I read my scriptures to check off a list or mark a calendar? Do I home teach to report at the end of the month that it is done? Do I go to church because I know I need to? 
While they may not be evil they are wasting my progression. 
I really got to take a step back and think and say, "If I am really doing all of these things to learn how to be like the Savior and learn to love like the Savior and develop a relationship with the Savior then I should probably think about trying to be like the Savior when I am not doing those things. 
The Savior would be late to a meeting to hold a door for someone. 
He would take time from teaching to touch the one.
He would put aside His own wants and desires to help another. 
If those are not the feelings that are tugging at my heart strings then I need to re-evaluate my prayers, scripture study, temple attendance, Sabbath observance, Institute participation, service and everything that we do to try and be like Jesus. 
Would we put off a friend because we have to read our scriptures? Would we not home teach so that we could go to a fireside? 
Not to say that those things are unimportant because they are, but what is neglected because of them is also important. We might have to sacrifice more me time to then read our scriptures if we take time to help someone in need. 
Anyway probably mind vomit to you but I like to think, keeps my mind active. 

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