Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life gets interesting

I love looking back on things that happen in life. 
I love wondering during interesting times, "What will this look like when I look back?"
I love wondering why it's so hard to see right now for what it is.

Life is always getting more interesting. It is one of the things that gives me great joy in life. I love to be able to live life without stressing about others opinions or worries. I look at how much I've grown and realize that I used to be a punk.There are so many thing that I realize and the best way to describe it is like climbing a very interestingly shaped cliff. You reach a ridge that is sooooo high that you could never possibly see over it. You climb it with much help and physical, mental, emotional excursion and then you go a little way on and find another cliff. The interesting part is that when you look back on the first, second, third, etc. Ridges that you climbed each keeps diminishing in size because of your perspective. I use to think that being single was the worst punishment that could be endured by man. After dating lots of girls I realize that marrying the wrong person is and that I am happy and am able to make others happy just as well as a single as I can a married person. The happiness is different, but not more. It's made me more responsible and depend more on Heavenly Father. I have needed that. 
I also used to think that surviving in the world was impossible. Money makes the world go round, right? Wrong. Funny how you find that so many things that you though years ago are simply perceived with a limited perspective. 
I love going to the temple for that reason. Perspective. That is one of the greatest ways to make life interesting. You want to see your old troubles in their true light? You need to go to the temple for that. Then you realize the size of the world and our place in it, coupled with the size of eternity and our possibly ever present reality there.

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