Friday, March 4, 2011

The Infinite Atonement

So this is a favorite topic to revisit specifically, and it gets drawn upon fairly often anyways, but the fact that the Atonement is infinite. I love that. 
This means that God's mercy is unlimited. 
That is fairly ironic, because most of the time I think that people have a general perception that God is not as merciful as Christ. I believe that is false. I believe that they both have an unlimited amount of love and mercy. 
So the question that usually begets
"So if God has unlimited mercy then why will we not all return back to live with Him?'
Good question, but founded on a logical fallacy. We automatically assume that the only thing to keep us from returning to live with God would be Him. The truth is well founded in the opposite. Look at yourself. When you do something stupid to hurt someone's feelings how awkward is the first time that you see that person the next time? Multiply that by an unlimited amount. There is usually an awkward factor when people stop praying, reading scriptures, going to church, being social, etc. 
God wants everyone back. 
Do we want to be back with Him though?
The scriptures say that there will come a time of judgement and we will know that His judgement is just. The reason is that when we enter a kingdom of glory we will be eternally happy. It is a kingdom of glory. The problem is the scriptures also state that they who enter into a rest less than with the Father, do so only because they were not willing to receive that which they might have enjoyed. 
This does not mean that they will be miserable
They will live full happy and productive existences. 
However, because they were unwilling to deal with that awkward moment of I have really messed up and I want to make things right, they refuse and accept less. 
The great thing is that it will still cover the unfairness of life. 
Anything that was dealt to you unjustly or because of the actions of someone else will be compensated for. Things will be weighed equally, but there will still be some who will not want to have all that the Father has. 
It really shouldn't shock you though, if you think about it you all know people like that and I have a lot of those tendencies within myself. At its root; Pride. So, now what. Decide what you want and you will know who to follow to get what you want. 

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