Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I was thinking about the passage of time and how it seems like life is much more meaningful when looked at as a whole and in frames. Lots of people that I talk to break time into common units like weeks, months, quarters, years, etc. I like to use frames. Usually in regard to my frame of mind during a period. It helps me to look at my life in a better light and break down my accomplishments, my shortcomings, and evaluate where and what I can improve. 
I noticed that people also use this same characterization with the scriptures. They classify chapters, and books, but I prefer blocks. I find that even after the chapter ends that the idea is continued throughout several chapters and it is referred back to often in subtle ways. The writing style of the authors is often harmonious and it provides better background to go back and find new insight. I find that the less I lump things together in common ways the less I think common things. 

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