Thursday, March 17, 2011

Striving for Excellence

So I know some incredibly epic people. I thought that I would share one of three things that one of them has stressed . 
Be excellent in  the basics. 
Pretty simple, right? Maybe for a week or two right after New Years Resolutions are over. 
But really it is. I was talking with my mom about how funny life is and that the only thing that I can really see regretting in the next life is how much time was wasted. I am blown away by how petty people can be and how much they can focus on things that they
1. cannot change
2. will not care about tomorrow
3. should not care about in the first place
There's a new high school and you can see the pride seething from most of the parents and it is pathetic. One group of parents doesn't want their kids going to school with stuck up kids and the other doesn't want their kids going to school with white trash. 
It makes me laugh except for the fact that it is sad. Both people are in sin as much as the other and neither can see it. Pride goes both ways. Then I think wow what a waste of time and energy. But they have mastered the basics of sin. 
So how do we become excellent in the basics that will allow us to become who we want to become?
The same way. We allow the gospel to consume our lives as others allow pride to take them in. We fiercely oppose evil and we read our scriptures, say our prayers, remain temple worthy, and serve others. 
Excellence in the basics is easyA.
What basics are we most excellent in?

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